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1. How do I and is it easy to purchase a property in Dubai?

Yes it is easy to purchase property in Dubai please go to the section "Buying in Dubai" and this question and the steps you take are answered in depth

2. Is it necessary to obtain a lawyer before buying property and
if so, what would fees for such advice be?

It is not necessary in the U.A.E. to use a lawyer. Your agent can act on your behalf and there will be no legal costs. If you would prefer to we can recommend lawyers from well known and respected law firms in Dubai. The charges vary depending on the time and responsibilities they are given.

3. Can I resell my property?

Although it is generally understood that freehold ownership provides an owner with absolute ownership, it is correct that many developers are including a requirement in the sales and purchase agreement that if the owner wants to sell his property he must approach the developer for consent. It is assumed that his consent is to ensure that the owner has or shall pay any outstanding contributions to the co-owners or home owners association. If the property is purchased in the name of an offshore company then the sale is of the off shore company and the developer does not need to be notified. 

4. What kind of title do I get? Will the property be freehold?

We are presently awaiting legislation that shall hopefully provide us with the basis of real estate legislation for the Dubai Emirate. It is understood that the freehold title announced by H.H. General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2002 shall be freehold as is understood in the international sense where the owner is considered to have absolute rights to the property. Most of the developers in Dubai are offering Freehold property and their contracts state this. Some developers in Dubai are not selling freehold title but rather leasehold in which the title shall expire depending on the period stipulated in the lease agreement. Presently there is no provision in Dubai for the registration of long leases.

5. What happens to my property if I die?

If the property was purchased in the name of an offshore company and you are the sole director then you will need a will in your home country to protect and ensure your family gets immediate ownership of the company. If you purchase in your personal name then to protect all your assets, and to make sure that your estate is distributed as you wish a will should be written. This must be translated into Arabic and notarized at your local Embassy.

6. Do I get a Residency Visa when I purchase a property?

Most but not all developers offer a Residency Visa with the purchase of property. This is available to the purchaser and their immediate family on application. The cost is approximately 5000.00 dirhams. The visa will only allow the family to reside in Dubai, not work.

7. Can I get finance on properties in Dubai?

Yes we deal closely with a number of lending institutions in the U.A.E. They will lend a Resident of the U.A.E generally up to 80% of the original price plus up to 50% of the premium. If you are non resident some of the banks will lend up to 50% of the original price. We can introduce you to a company that can assist you in arranging finance.  

8. What rental yield can I expect in Dubai?

In the past landlords have been receiving comfortably 9-10% yield but as the property market has developed the normal yield is now 7-8%.

9. What protection does the purchaser have against poor workmanship?

The Dubai Government has codes of standards regarding building permits and contractual clauses. The developer has standards that they have to maintain and if there is a problem, assistance can be found from the contract entered into with the developer. Usually there is a workmanship guarantee.

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